Operation Seven-Day Shed (Day Two - Monday)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Shed construction: being!

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The site was cleared yesterday and I know what I'm building (or, at least, I have a pretty good idea).

First, a trip to the Home Depot to buy the materials I didn't already have on hand:

(Total cost of new materials (so-far): $173.84)

Since I don't like painting I decided I should do that first to get most of it out of the way. The floor board got two coats of Killz (on both sides, eventually), while the 5mm sheets all got one coat on one side (they'll get more, later). During the painting process I ran out of Killz (I had two half-empty buckets) and so had to run to the local Ace Hardware to get another gallon. I also bought another gallon of exterior grade house paint that [nearly] matches the color of my house. That's the color I'll be painting the shed, as well.

(Updated new materials cost: $219.08)

While waiting for the paint to dry I put together the sub-floor. Very easy! Then I hauled it over to the site and set about trying to level it. The site was a mish-mash of poured concrete, old pavers and dirt. I grabbed my level and started shoving bricks under the corners until the entire thing was almost-perfectly level. I feel like I got lucky here; I was afraid I was going to have to cobble together a horrible system of random pavers, bricks and stones to get it level but it took very little effort and it's only a little bit dodgy!

By this point the paint was dry so I installed the floor board onto the subfloor. And since I still had some time left over I built the north and south stud walls (but didn't have time to mount them).

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