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Saturday, August 10, 1974

After having been adequately born in 1974 (on or about August 10th) I proceeded to life a normal, human life. I can provide evidence, if required.

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I am the internet:



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// Timeline (Incomplete)

-- 1974
not alive

1974 - current

graduated from Spring Lake Park High School.

1993 - 1998
SysOp of local dialup BBS, Ed's Room

abandoned University of Minnesota's Institute of Technology

1998 - current
SysOp of web-based Citadel port, Ed's Room

1998 ~ 2003
founding member of Psychopop

2000 - 2020
employed by Urban Planet LLC as a software developer (&c.)

2001 - current
owner (via mortgage) of 3945 Pleasant Ave, Minneapolis MN 55409-1528

2003 - 2005
bass player for Invisible Pedestrian

2005 - 2011
Burning Man attendee

2007 - 2010
designed, constructed & operated the Interstellar Pleasure Barge

2008 - 2011
drummer for the Danger Board

2016 - current
drummer for Nemesissy

2016 - current
bass player for Stop Resisting

2021 - current
Employee and founder of Kingfield Software

current -
untold possibilities


// Accolades

"Truly, you are a Groucho Marx for our time."
    - , Jan 10

"u were in my dream last nite. we were sitting in the back of a moving car and you told me with fear in your voice, 'andrea. i don't think i want to build robots anymore. i'm afraid they will kill me'."
    - andrea

"I can't tell if you're joking or insane, [jarrin]. This is a common problem."
    - hedge

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