Operation Seven-Day Shed (Day Four - Wednesday)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I would have gotten more done today, except that Wednesday is band-practice day. When my brother showed up at 4p all worked stopped because we had to focus on beer drinking band practice.

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The north and south walls had been built and painted yesterday, so they were ready to be mounted. While not too heavy, an 8' x 8' wall (remember: it's already got the siding on it!) is difficult to move. I eventually realized I could just screw a piece of 1x2 to the exposed studs and use it like a handle. I'm so smrt!

I got the walls in place, screwed down and braced. Everything was nice, square, plum and level. I was starting to feel like a real carpenter! (Note: I'm not a real carpenter.)

Since the north and south walls are at different heights, they needed to be in place so I could precisely measure how high to make the west (rear) wall. After constructing the west stud wall, I carried it over to the shed to do a test fit and make sure I hadn't screwed anything up. I had not. The west wall was taken out, sided and painted. Tomorrow it will be dry and ready to mount, which I'm a little afraid of. The clearances in the back of the little shed are tight and with the siding over-hanging the edges of the stud wall by 2.5" on each side I'm worried that getting it into place is going to be a bear (and not the good kind of bear).

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