Tea Wine

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I happened to read the words "tea wine" this morning so I decided to spend the afternoon trying to make it.

Style Tea Wine
Yeast Pasteur Champagne
Original S.G. 1.089
Current S.G. 1.020
ABV 9.1%

I did some "research" and eventually ended up making up my own recipe based on my findings and what I had available in my kitchen. Here's the recipe (with notes where I failed to adhere).

Pitch yeast into .5 cup of ~30C water with 3g sugar and let it sit ~15 minutes to get started. I poured it back and forth a few times to add oxygen. (I used half a pack of Pasteur Champagne yeast (yellow pack).)

Steep 7g ground Assam tea and 45g chopped dried raisins in near-boiling water in a French press for 3 minutes. (I didn't think to add raisins until later in the process; they should have been used at this point.)
Pour .9 kg (~2 pounds) sugar into carboy. Add tea and swirl it around to dissolve the sugar.
Add 1tsp citric acid and some yeast nutrient (I was out of yeast nutrient).
Add water to cool it down (but don't top it off yet!).

When the carboy is around 22C add the yeast, top it off with water and take a gravity measurement (mine was 1.089).

Set the air-lock and wait (and hope).

Update [12Apr29] While the brew has never really foamed up it does exhibit a constantly, if light, fermentation.  Specific gravity has dropped to ~1.023 in about five days.

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