Sunday, May 27, 2018

I had gotten used to using TheRenamer to manage my TV show video files when suddenly, in early May 2018, it stopped working. The software was apparently abandoned, and I didn't like any of the other programs that purported to do TV show file management, so there was only one thing to do. Write my own.

"Strafe provides a simple interface onto which you can drag n' drop files and folders. It will then try its level best to figure out what they are and where they should go by parsing the individual files names and using that information to query against the TVMaze API. Once your happy with what Strafe thinks your files are, it will move and rename them as necessary to work them into your perferred file hierarchy."

I feel like that's a pretty clear description of what you can expect. It's Windows only, naturally, and requires the 4.6.1 .NET framework (you probably already have it). Just download the zip, unzip it somewhere, and run the executable. No installation necessary.

I actually managed to put my repository on Github. Feel free to download the source and plumb its depths.

Change Log

7/9/18 - v1.1.6764.28157
Fixed bug in which show names with no spaces would cause inifinite recursion (the worst, and only kind).

10/10/18 - v1.1.6857.21232
Reordered list of espiodes in episode selection dialog so they are in a more useful (ie, reverse) order.
Fixed "show name" in show selection dialog.
Reduced default cache timeout from 30 days to 7. API changes were not being picked up fast enough.

1/1/22 - v1.2
Add season and episode number columns.

Bug Reports

If you're using this program and find that it can't derive show information from a file I'd like to know about it. Post a comment here, or send an email to, with the name of the file and what show you think it's supposed to be.

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