Sunday, November 30, 2008

Maybe I'm just a little overly compulsive but sometimes I want to rename a bunch of files. I could go through, one at a time, and rename them all by hand but if there are many files this takes a long time. So I built this file-renaming utility and I added some "features".

In addition to simple text replacement you can use regular expressions. There are also a handful of macros you can insert into file names (file size, file dates, random numbers, ordinal numbers, every possible JPEG EXIF value that exists and a slew of MP3 ID3 tags). There are a few sample replacement commands (Help > Examples) to give you an idea of what's possible. It will also recurse subdirectories (but will not rename the directories themselves).

Requires the Microsoft .NET Framework (v2.0) (v4.0).

v1.4.2 Fixed registry problem under Win 7 (and probably also Vista).

v3.0 [July 17, 2012] Upgraded to the 4.0 .NET framework. Fixed the ability to register Renamerator in the Windows Explorer directory context menu (i.e., "right-click > Renamerator"). Selection state is now preserved through rename operations. Duplicate rename operations are handled slightly differently (end user is alerted before the duplicate files are renamed rather than afterwards).

v3.1 [Dec 28, 2014] Added MOBI meta data properties.

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