Operation Seven-Day Shed (Day Six - Friday)

Friday, October 7, 2011

The rain sure is taking its time.

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I was out at 9:30a hammering nails through shingles and was finished by 10a. Roofing complete!

Then I built a door. The frame was made of 1x4s ripped in half and pneumatically nailed together. The face is more 1/8" Luan, cut to fit. I sized the door frame a quarter inch shorter and narrower than the opening for the door; this gave me 1/8" of margin all the way around. I nailed in some vertical stops (to prevent the door from swing too far inwards), put a 1/8" spacer on the floor (an old piece of acrylic) held the door in place and screwed in the hinges. Viola! The door works! It swings out - it swings back in. It fits into the frame and doesn't bind anywhere. Good job, door. I also attached a little sliding bolt to keep it closed. Maybe some day I'll install a handle or lock (which seems sort of pointless since the door is only made of flimsy Luan).

I rolled on a coat of Killz to help protect the wood from this afternoon's inevitable rain. Once the rain goes away (in, like, a week?) I'll put another coat of Killz on and then finish it with the top coat.

As of this moment, however, the shed is functionally finished. I can start putting stuff in it and getting my yard and garage organized! Hurray!

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