Mini Golf Review: Fiesta Falls Miniature Golf

Saturday, April 16, 2011

After spending a couple of hours milling about in St. Augustine Beach (back in February when little andy and I flew down to Southern South Georgia Florida)  we grew restless and eventually found ourselves some mini-golf.

After a short drive down Beach Boulevard in our rented 2012 Mazda5 minivan we spied a sign proclaiming "Miniature Golf". Since the weather was nice (not too hot, not not at all rainy) we stopped and played a round at Fiesta Falls Miniature Golf.



What does this all mean? It means a net score of +15! Anything above zero indicates a course worth playing. So when you get bored with getting sunburned on the beach, stepping on dried-up jellyfish or fighting through the relentless salty turf, take the short drive down to Fiesta Falls and putt a few balls around.

P.S. Little Andy beat me by seven strokes on this course (+11 to +18).

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