Kayaking Chippewa River

Saturday, August 2, 2014

My brother, and a few of his friends built fancy cedar strip canoes this summer. This was their inaugural journey.

Click image to uncrop and embiggen.

In six hours we went appx. 25 kilometers down the wide, yet very, very shallow sandy-bottomed Chippewa River (in Wisconsin). We had to, numerous times, get out of our boats and drag them across the river where, in spots, it was only a couple inches deep. Aside from that it was an excellent, if slow, river.


At one point I saw a snake swimming across the river. I got a little too close and it looked at me. Then it dove underwater for a moment before continuing its swim. It was probably just a garter snake which, I'm told, can swim.

I don't have any pictures of their very nice canoes because, well, it didn't occur to me to take any. I was too busy kayaking!

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