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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I joked about writing this tool a couple weeks several years ago and then, of course, I went and did it.

Just point it at a folder full of JPG files and it'll create an AVI out of them (in alphanumeric order). We assume that any pre-processing that needs to be done has already been done (consider Photoshop's Batch Processing ability). The resultant AVI file should have the same dimensions as the first source image. All source images should be the same size for best results, but it'll work even if they aren't.

The AVI file that this utility creates will be large and uncompressed. It will also not have any audio. This is by design. The intention here is not to generate a finished product; but merely to automate what would otherwise be a laborious process of picking and placing individual images into a video stream. In fact, the further intention is that the end user (i.e., you) would then take this cumbersome video file and incorporate it into whatever larger video project they are currently working on. We leave compression, editing and audio overlays to software more suited to the task.

Requires the Microsoft .NET Framework: (v1.1), (3.5)

14Nov v2.2
Added -framerate command-line parameter.

12May v2.1
Figured out how to remove the annoying "choose your compressor" dialog.

11Jun v2.0
Re-wrote the entire utility using the 3.5 .NET framework. Fundamental features are preserved, though the process and commands have changed.

09Apr v1.4
Per an end user suggestions, the app can now be run from the command line. See the included readme file for details.

09Apr v1.3
Fix a bug where files were sometimes not being processed in alphanumerical order.

09Apr v1.2
Added a couple minor flourishes. Some drag n' drop. Opens the source folder upon completion.

I improved this a wee bit several months ago and forgot to put it online. I'm surprised and delighted that more people than just myself have found this tool useful.

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