Hyland Lake Kayaking

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Been here before, but it's a good lake.

Saw many, many small fish and a few larger ones. Also, hundreds of small turtles (mostly sticking their heads just out of the water until I paddled past). Investigated a strange lump rising out of the water. Thought it might be a tiny island or a tire but, as I got closer, realized it was warthing me. it turned out to be a large snapping turtle. I eventually submerged about a foot and then just stayed there, watching me, as I paddled around it. Took lunch on the island. Saw another snapper paddling through the shallows as I ate on the island.

After taking the boat out, I saw something else in the water near the launch. Turned out to be a muskrat munching on some greenery. Though he saw me, he didn't seem to care. He paddled around in a circles for a bit and then found a dead fish floating on the water which he snatched up in his jaws and then motored to shore for a feast.

Rebuilt the kayak mounting system recently. Pulleys connect ropes to the handles on the ends of the kayak for raising and lowering (via a manual  boat winch mounted near the floor) and black bungee straps support the boat once it's raised between the joists. Works pretty well, but I still need to improve the lift near the bow so that it clears the garage door better.

Kinda want to built a rig to hold the kayak on top of the Jeep. Something with pegs to prevent it sliding left and right.


I'm on an island surrounded by fish, mud turtles and one large snapping turtle.

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