Homebrew Cider 5

Friday, May 20, 2011

The cider is strong. I'm also performing an experiment.

I uncapped the first bottle of cider on Saint Patrick's Day back in March and, since that time, have drank and given away more than half. It turned out a very strong (~9%), very dry cider. While that was my intention, I didn't realize just how strongly the ethanol would taste in such a high proof beverage. After the first glass, though, you tend not to notice the alcohol taste which makes it quite potent and very dangerous. I have since discovered that the best way to drink it is, believe it or not, on ice. Normally, I strongly oppose icing fermented beverages but I'm told that icing English style ciders like this is not uncommon.

I have decided to run an experiment, however. Yesterday, I opened a virgin bottle of fizzy, 9% cider and poured half of it into a new, sanitary bottle. I then topped-up each bottle with plain apple juice, added a little granulated sugar, pitched some yeast and re-capped them both. Today the bottles are very hard (the bottle conditioning is working great) and tonight I'll put them in the fridge to halt the fermentation. Tomorrow I should have two liters of ~4.5%, somewhat sweeter cider.

Once summer hits, and the ambient weather conditions are hot and humid, I think I'll be ready to try some sake (the koji-kin needs a warm, moist environment to grow).

Addendum, 9/27/11
The dilute cider worked really well. I repeated the process with the remainder of the too-strong cider and ended up with several liters are perfectly delicious ~4.5% hard cider.

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