Garage Trenching

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

There being no proper electrical service to the old garage, we had to dig a trench for the new fat copper.

Click image to uncrop and embiggen.

The trenching attachment on the compact skid loader (Bobcat MT52*) made short work of the digging. I'm glad we didn't have to do it by hand. A boring device would have made it even easier (and a lot less messy) but we didn't have access to one.

We put 1" conduit in the bottom of the trench for the 50 amp electrical service, and then I dropped 3/4" conduit on top of that for a CAT6 cable so I can get my internet in the garage. I'm pretty sure this will be important.

We haven't run the actual cables yet. We'll wait for the electrician to do that. He'll probably know some tricks to help us cram those cables down 80' of conduit.

(* I feel like Bobcat missed an opportunity in naming their compact skid loaders. Obviously, they should be called Bobkittens.)

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