New Kayak

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I spent most of the spring and early summer looking at kayaks. I finally found one that I liked enough to buy.

Click image to uncrop and embiggen.

After a few months of browsing craigslist for a suitable used kayak I finally found (thanks to a refer from my coworker) a 15' Perception Monarch for $525. It's made of plastic (I wanted fiberglass, but it was difficult to find a fiberglass boat in the [relatively short] size I wanted), has a retractable skeg and weights just under sixty pounds. It came with a perfectly serviceable paddle and I completely the necessities by buying a paddling-style life vest from Dick's.

A couple days later I rebuilt my steel rack by adding a holder on the top for the kayak. At least I have somewhere to store it, now. I cover it with a big silver tarp (not shown) that will hopefully prevent any sort of UV damage to the hull. I'd store it in the garage but, you know, my garage isn't big enough.

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