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Sunday, December 11, 2022

I'm selling off a bunch of music gear what I no longer need. Everything is negotiable, especially if you want to buy multiple things.

Photos and details are all on their respective Craiglist posts. This page serves as my centralized list of things. I might add more items at any time.

I fixed the problem that was preventing craigslist from getting through to me, so using the criagslist email relay should be reliable now.

Because these posts expire and get reposted the urls are largely no longer correct. You should be able to quite easily search criagslist for the corresponding posts, though.

Peavey 450 Max Bass Amplifier ($225)

Peavey BW 118 SUB HC ($200)

Laney BC75 bass amp ($100)

Gibraltar Electronic Drum Mount Station ($60 each, $100/pair)

JBL Radiance Speaker ($50)

Gibraltar SC-MAT 18" x 12" Medium Accessory Tray with Clamp ($40 each)

TAMA Roadpro Hi Hat Cymbal Stand ($40)

Yamaha Snare Drum Stand ($40)

Pacific Kick Drum Pedal ($30)

Pearl Kick Drum Pedal - $30

OYC snare stand - $30

PDP Drum Throne (bottom only) - $20

Miscellaneous boom arms for drum set/cymbal stands - $20

drum legs - $20

Groove Percussion 22'' Kick Drum - $20

cymbal stands - $20

misc drum holder - $10


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