Kayaking Crane Island

Monday, July 28, 2014

One hundred and twenty-seven years ago Ezra Fitch Pabody wrote a daily journal about his activities in and around Minneapolis and Lake Minnetonka. I took my little boat out to that lake to paddle the very same waters as Ezra did those many decades ago.

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I paddled 6.5 km around Crane Island, Eagle Island and Wawatosa Island. Crane Island sported no cranes (but several houses and an excavator on a barge) while Eagle Island sported no eagles (but I did see a crane on it). Wawatosa had a few public picnic spots, so that's where I lunched.

While paddling along the shores of the islands I would occasionally spot giant fish (2' muskies?) loitering among the weeds. I didn't try to pet them.

Also, for some reason, there were ruins along the walking path from the parking lot to the boat launch.

Lake Minnetonka Kayak Time Lapse from Vaxjo Aberg on Vimeo.

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