Kayaking Bryant Lake

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another week, another voyage. This time to the Three Rivers Park District's Bryant Lake Regional Park.

Another nice day (if a bit on the hot side) saw me drive the kayak out to Bryant Lake Regional Park in Eden Prairie to circumnavigate the 178 acre lake.

It was pretty quiet for a Wednesday afternoon but the lake was not entirely devoid of water craft. This lake had numerous ostentatious house bordering it, each with its own dock and pair of motorboats. While paddling around there was one motorboat cruising back and forth pushing its wake all over the place. Never did I capsize, but I did have to pay attention when it went by so I could turn my vessel into the wake (to reduce the risk of tipping).

I saw the usual plethora of ducks, fish and basking turtles. I found a narrow inlet in the north half of the lake, edged with tall reeds, just barely wide enough for my skinny boat. I had to separate my paddle into halves because there wasn't room enough to maneuver the full length. I followed it for about 60 yards but it became impassable due to fallen trees. According to the map, I discovered "Nine Mile Creek". Unfortunately, it seems someone else discovered it before I had a chance to.

I tried to take a picture while in the middle of the lake but, apparently, I don't know how my phone works and I ended up taking a stupid, two-second video. So, here it is.

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