Just One Thing - July 13

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another hot, hot week. I don't do outside work in this weather.

And, you know what? I'm declaring this project finished. Spring is the season for getting things done. Summer is the season for screwing around and enjoying the weather. The only outstanding project now is the garage rebuild and, by and large, that doesn't require me to actually do very much. So I'm formally done doing something every day.

I'll probably return to this concept in the autumn, with perhaps more of a focus on arts and crafts (especially since I'll have my nice, new workshop then). Yeah, yeah. That's a good idea. In the autumn I think I'll try to do one-artsandcrafts-thing every day.

Monday: too hot to do anything, so I didn't.

Tuesday: DDS, moved cat run to porch roof

Wednesday: whipped weeds

Thursday: [nothing, again]

Friday: cleaned 1/3 of basement

Friday-Sunday: "That Thing at the Cabin"

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