Just One Thing - April 20

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another good week of getting things done. A bit colder - but I like it colder when I'm working outside.

Monday: meet with Hanson Builders about garage; built cat door; gave french doors away to Elise and Ian

Tuesday: deposited checks & change at Spire; got seatbelt ticket*; removed magnetic catches from kitchen cabinets

Wednesday: met with Joe (Mpls Garage); painted cat door; finished assembling stupid shelf

Thursday: removed old kitchen ceiling fan; saved woodpecker*; sanded stupid shelf

Friday: mounted conduit and ran wire for ceiling fan; snaked laundry tub drain

Saturday: wired switch for ceiling fan; built second garden pod

Sunday: spread some grass seed; painted stupid shelf; mounted planter on front fence; fixed Eddy & Star's stilts

(* These are not project activities, obviously, but they effect my motivation to get anything else done. So they go in the summary.)

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