Broken Foot 3 - Two Week Update

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's been two weeks since I temporarily ruined my life.

The foot is just as broken as it was two weeks ago. On Sunday I tried to go outside, stumbled on my front steps and came crashing down onto my injured foot. For a couple minutes my pain threshold was maxed out. I abandoned my plans to go to the Farmer's Market that morning and moped about inside, instead. There is some good news: the swelling and the persistent throbbing pain has diminished somewhat. I'm able to sleep without using any of the narcotics now but everything else is still terrible. I have a two-story house. The bedrooms and bathroom are upstairs but the kitchen is downstairs. Oh how I hate stairs now!

Andy has been as helpful as possible around the house. Seeing as I can't carry anything that doesn't fit in a little bag up or down the stairs she's had to take over all domestic duties.

Allana, who suffered a very similar (though worse) break last year, baked me a batch of vegan cookies last week. It was nice to talk to her about her experience going through a similar healing process. And how much fatter could I get eating just one batch of cookies, really?

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