Broken Foot 2 - Orthopedics

Thursday, August 22, 2013

In which I travel to Edina to have a specialist tell me how badly I've ruined my autumn.

Click image to uncrop and embiggen.

The splint that the ER had applied the previous day was too painful and the Vicodin too ineffective to allow me to sleep (which meant that I really hadn't slept for over two days). At 09:00 Andy finally drove me to my appointment with Dr. Kempcke at Twin Cities Orthopedics. Once there they removed my splint and took one more x-ray. The doctor saw very clearly what the problem was and gave me the news: no surgery would be required and no cast would be practical. Instead, I have an AirCast boot, a bottle of Oxycodone (because the Vicodin wasn't effective) and strict instructions not to put any weight on the broken foot (as if I could) for the next several weeks. I made a six-week follow-up appointment for to see how the bone is healing and to determine how best to proceed at that point.

In the mean time my life has been reduced to abject boredom punctuated by brief moments of pain. I was really looking forward to some nice autumnal camping and kayaking at many of Minnesota's State Parks. Instead I'll be sitting in front of my computer reading Facebook posts about everyone else enjoying Minnesota's nice fall weather.

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